Research & User Interviews
The research phase for Penny Pincher proved extremely useful as it gave me more insight as to what features I should include in the application, as well as the financial literacy of my target user-base. If I were to conduct interviews again I would make sure to get an even number of participants from public and private schools, as I only had participants who attended private universities.
Sketching to High Fidelity
My sketching process started out with simple post-it notes, before moving on to high fidelity screens. By far the most challenging part of this process was getting used to designing for the apple watch, as I'd never designed for such a small screen before. The high fidelity screens also allowed me to learn animations in Adobe XD, which I promptly became obsessed with. Overall, I love how the prototype turned out and if I were to create further iterations I would want to undergo more user testing in order to use the words most commonly associated with finance so that anyone could use the app and have a comprehensive understanding of what they're using.
User Testing
All of the user testing I conducted took place in person so I could better see their interactions with the different screens, and I wanted their direct feedback after using the app. It provided me with a lot of great options as to how I could reword different screens, restructure the application, and improve on its overall usability

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